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Glick Speaks About Finding Clough Jnr. His Own Taylor!
Glick Speaks About Finding Clough Jnr. His Own Taylor!
Saturday, 21st May 2011 13:15 by Daniel J Sewart

As RamZone reported earlier this week, Glick and Clough are on the lookout for someone to fill a ‘Director of Football’ position at DCFC. Tom Glick has finally spoke about the job and what it would mean to the Rams.

Glick spoke to BBC radio Derby about what he is trying to achieve with the new recruit:

"We have reflected and said to get better we need to bring in an additional person."

"We think we will be that much sharper, that much more on the front foot in terms of acquisitions, as well as moving players on at the right time."

"One of the key aspects will be to be the point person in the final process of acquiring and/or moving a player on. That will be working with the player, the other club - whether we are buying or selling - and the agent which at the moment falls largely to me.”

"But I am certainly not removing myself from that process - it is just about having another person who can help us get a little bit further forward."

Since Adam Pearson left the Rams Tom Glick has filled the role which means not only does he oversee the day to day running, he has thrown himself into the deep end by also working on negotiations for players and whatever else the management team required in the transfer market.

Now it seems Nigel and Tom are searching for an experienced football person to fill that 'go out and get' role while overseeing everything football related at the club.

While the constant comparisons must get tiring for Nigel, his dad new what type he wanted and had Taylor who could seek that player out. Nigel might finally get someone to do just the same.

It is a much debated question as to whether the role of ‘Director of Football’ or “Technical Director” is a necessary position for a club to incorporate into their set up for success. The answer really is as it would be with every aspect of a football club or in fact any role in any business set up. Quality staff will provide a quality result.

A good Football Director will get the players a manager wants, work within the budgets while twisting the arm of agents so they don’t have to break the bank and bring in the best possible talent available.

The other invaluable asset a good football director can bring to a club is a negotiable link between the manager and those who hold the purse strings. In my opinion this is the thing Nigel Clough needs most in his current predicament.

Clough has had to work alongside the man in charge for quite a long time and frankly it gives you very little room to move when that same man is focused on balancing the books. Until the recent backlash from fans it seemed that Glick was not willing to move forward in budgeting for more investment on playing stocks.

The pressure put on the club by those who handover their hard earned and the inept way in which the club were unable to land any names of note in the January window, may have both provided the impetus for this decision.

Tom Glick may have saved a wage by filling this role himself but at the same time he took on a job he could have known little about, had little experience in and had few or no contacts to call on for a favour. All of these things when dealing with footballers and their agents are massively important in today’s football.

The way in which the club lost out on Conor Sammon, when they were obviously interested for a long period, was near comical. Firstly by bidding less than a previous club bid, raise the bid at the last moment only to be substantially trumped by Wigan. I don’t know the ins and outs of the deal but from the outside it looked tragic – tragedy that is in the black comedy sense.

The clubs most interesting signing of recent years in Alberto Bueno came with much help and advice from elsewhere. After the boy was recommended to Metgod at the world cup, Tom pretty much only had to show the boy around and sign the cheque.

I am being slightly flippant and have no doubt there is a lot of work done behind the scenes but that in itself probably suggests a man who is charged with overseeing the whole club may need a little help.

A middle man to ensure on and off field have equal importance at the club, while ensuring that neither should jeopardise stability and success in either area.

Having someone Nigel can talk to and brainstorm what he needs, who then can wrangle, beg, borrow and steal to make it happen holds some appeal to me. That is on the provision it is not a journeyman with his hand out (did someone mention Paul Hart?) and instead be someone who would take great pride in the role. Fill those requirements and it could be the missing piece to get the Rams firing in 11/12.

They must have contacts, they must be respected and more importantly they must have the ability to support, advise and (as the role suggests) direct Nigel Clough as to how as a team they can get what they require from those who hand out the cash.

This may help stop the manager missing out on a player he wants or be a calming influence to avoid another Cywka style controversy. It could mean the club will finally balance the roles between watching dollars and financial sense while producing attractive football for its punters to enjoy.

Of course in the tradition of Murdo Mackay it could also go terribly wrong and provide no help whatsoever.

Either way I think it's worth the gamble as Clough needs a man who knows football, how the English game works and the people who work in it.

With no disrespect to Tom Glick he struggles to tick any of those boxes.

Now the big question is ….. who?


Who do you think the Rams should be chasing if in fact they are looking for a 'Director of Football"?

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